The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of 2017

The past year on the whole was an impressive year for films. Here is what we consider the best and the worst of 2017.

The Best:

1. Blade Runner 2049: What should have been a disaster turned out to be a sequel almost as good as the classic 1982 original. Great script and fantastic stunning visual set pieces.

2. The Florida Project: Delightful coming of age drama with fantastic performances from mainly a young cast and a supporting role from Willem Defoe as a kindly motel owner.

3. IT: Finally a Stephen King adaptation that lived up to the novel. Not as scary, but as much fun as the original source material with a classic 80’s vibe.

4. T2 Trainspotting: 20 years in the making, the long awaited sequel was worth the wait with the story focusing on the original characters longing for the hope for the future they once had.

5. Detroit: Gripping and brutal true story revolving around riots and racial abuse in the 60’s from ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ director Kathryn Bigalow.

6. Paddington 2: Another sequel which is better than original with a surprisingly great performance from the smug Hugh Grant who plays a washed up theatrical actor.

7. The Levelling: A haunting tense drama revolving around death and the breakup of family set on a Somerset farm. Stunning feature debut from Hope Dickson Leach.

8. Okja: Charming, humorous and touching tale from one of Asia’s leading filmmakers, Bong Joon-ho. The tale of a young girl’s friendship with a genetically engineered pig.

9. Manchester by the Sea: Bleak, somber, but beautifully acted drama. Although very depressing it is also compelling at the same time.
10. Split: M Night Shyamalan returns to form with his best movie since Unbreakable and James McAvoy giving one of his best performances to date. Unsettling horroresque tale about a kidnapper with multiple personalities.

The Worst

1. Bad Kids of Crestview Academy: Extremely bad and insulting comic book inspired horror set in a posh American school.

2. The Emoji Movie: A really silly idea for an animated film which loses so much steam they have to incorporate Minecraft and Candy Crush as well as stealing story elements from the far superior ‘Wreck it Ralph’. Not even Patrick Stewart can save this turd of a movie.

3. Baywatch : A TV show ideal for a spoof, which results in a comedy without laughs.

4. The Snowman: Great source material, cast and director, even the trailer was great. But why is this adaptation so dull and predictable, we may never know.

5. Justice League: DC Comics gives audiences another boring , overloaded comic book movie.

6. The House: Will Ferrell is always hit and miss. This latest so called comedy is more of the latter with a pointless cameo by Jeremy Renner. Just watch the trailer all the amusing scenes are in that!

7. The Mummy: The much hyped Dark Universe franchise lands with a bump with this first feature. The movie really does not know what it should be apart, a Tom Cruise action movie with Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise.

8. Fist Fight: One idea, one joke comedy about two teachers who hate each other. That is all.

9. C.H.I.P.S.: Another TV adaptation except unlike Baywatch this one does have a few laughs.

10. Cars 3: Pixar improves on their latest instalment of the franchise. However all they have done is made an animated film that is not annoying and tedious. Just pretty boring.

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