The Good, the bad & the Ugly of 2016

The past year on the whole was an impressive year for films. Here is what we consider the best and the worst of 2016.

The Best:

1. Zootropolis: A fantastic, funny and beautifully realised animated masterpiece from Disney with a great moral message.

2. The Jungle Book: Who would have thought a remake of an animated classic would be as good as the original.

3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople: A hidden gem of a comedy from the person behind ‘Flight of the Concords’.

4. Spotlight: A shocking controversial true story made in the spirit of ‘All the Presidents Men’.

5. Arrival: Slow, but beautifully made Sci-Fi with great performances.

6. Room: Powerful drama on how a kidnapping affects a family.

7. Pete’s Dragon: Another remake which should have not worked, but this fun and less campy version of the classic original was a joy to watch.

8. Hell or High Water: Perfect Sense’s David MacKenzie directsthis humorous    modern day western with fantastic performances by all.

9. The Nice Guys: Shane Black’s 70’s set comedic action flick was under appreciated at the time of the release. But    is definitely worth a watch.

10. Moana: Disney Animation appears to be going through another Golden Age. This tropical adventure story from the directors of Aladdin is a funny and touching piece of entertainment.

The Worst

1. Batman vs Superman: A dull, overblown with bad CGI comic book movie. Believe it or not Affleck is the only one who rises above this mess.

2. Yoga Hosers: Not even Kevin Smith fans, could defend this terrible comedy which involves Nazi Sausages taking over the world.

3. Inferno: Yet another Dan Brown adaptation from Ron Howard and Tom Hanks and yet again another boring piece of cinema.

4. Warcraft: Duncan Jones followed his first 2 great films with a boring action flick filled with dodgy CGI in a genre that has never worked.

5. Independence Day: Resurgence: 20 years after the original, it was a sequel nobody wanted or needed.

6. Ice Age: Collision Course: A franchise running out of ideas, which should have been thawed out a long-time ago.

7. Nine Lives: Not as bad as critics made it out to be. Christopher Walken has a few funny moments. However a badly animated cat and underwritten sugary script, makes you wonder by all involved agreed to sign onto the project in the first place.

8. X-Men: Apocalypse: Another disappointing comic book flick, but this time with a weak villain and a drawn out storyline.

9. Ride Along 2: The first film was fun, but the sequel was overblown and loud, funnily enough not all due to Kevin Hart.

10. Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising: A rehash of the first film with more or less the same ideas from the original.

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