Daily archives "June 21, 2016"

Zero Days ****

U.S. / Director Alex Gibney /116 mins

Synopsis: The malware worm Stuxnet, famously used against Iranian centrifuges, has been claimed by many to have originated as a joint effort between America and Israel.

Academy Award winning documentarian Alex Gibney tackles another intriguing subject after covering pieces on Frank Sinatra, Steve Jobs, Wikileaks,  Fela Kuti and Scientlogy. 

The film documents the potentially  lethal computer virus which was first detected back in 2010. Rumours have long circled that the virus may have been commissioned by the US and Israeli governments to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. The virus  was eventually found by the anti-virus companies, and was named Stuxnet by the industry. While the official code name was ‘Olympic Games’. The malware was made to be used to paralyse the infrastructure of entire states in a split second without leaving any trace of those responsible.

Gibney interviews a range of professionals including coders from Symantec to government insiders, nuclear physicists and an anonymous NSA source. 

The film is loaded with technical information which could have been dull and boring, but is conveyed in a way that is compelling. The filmmakers have also tried to make the film as unpolitical as possible with finger pointing by never to a definitive source. 

By the end it is difficult to feel safe in a world where cyber warfare appears to be the next stage on the battlefield. 

As with ‘Going Clear’ and ‘We Steal Secrets’ Gibney shows again that he is one of the best documentarians in his field.

Reviewed by Paul Logan