Captain America: Civil War ****

Running time 147 mins Cert: 12A

Synopsis: After a mission goes horribly wrong, the Avengers are told they must be regulated by the UN. Steve Rogers (Evans) resists, while Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) agrees with the decision. The team soon tears each other apart when Rogers’ friend Bucky (Sebastian Stan) aka The Winter Soldier resurfaces.

The last entry in the Captain America franchise, Anthony and Joe Russo’s The  Winter Soldier was surprisingly great. Making a comic book movie into a classic political drama with a 70’s feel was a refreshing take on a genre that has become increasingly overstuffed.

Unfortunately their follow up, Civil War which is based on a great graphic novel can not live up to the source material. 

The major problem with the latest instalment is the length. Too much time is taken with exposition, which makes the film drag until almost the second half of the film. Until a spectacular set piece on an airport runway involving most of the characters that have been introduced to the Marvel Universe so far.

Also as expected when dealing with an ensemble piece is that some characters are given less screen time than others, making the purpose of having them in the narrative seem a bit redundant.

The villain Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) is refreshing in that his motivation is not the usual world domination storyline that is usual seen in comic book movies. However the actual character himself is not really memorable as a great bad guy compared to other films.

What the filmmakers have done right is as stated before providing some jaw dropping action set pieces. Introducing two new characters that will be given their own franchises in the next few years. Chadwick Boseman gives a regal sensibility to Black Panther. While the real master stroke is revealing  the new Spider-Man (Tom Holland), whose enthusiasm and inexperience provides some excellent backchat towards the main players.

Not nearly downbeat or dull as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, however Marvel’s Cinematic Universe’s really needs to evolve in order to make itself less repetitive than what they have been doing since Guardians and Iron Man 3.

Reviewed by Paul Logan

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