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Hail Caesar ****

Running time 100 mins Cert: 12A

Synopsis: in 1950’s Hollywood, Capitol Pictures is making prestige picture Hail, Caesar. When the star of the film (Clooney) disappears, the Studio’s boss Eddie Mannix (Brolin) has to bring him back, while  dealing with the other daily issues on the lot.

The Coen Bros return with another part of their so called Idiot franchise with George Clooney, after ‘O’ Brother Where Art Thou’, ‘Intolerable Cruelty’ and ‘Burn After Reading’.

For this film they have cast a variety of top names working in Hollywood today. Michael Gambon narrates. Scarlett Johansson is the pregnant starlet. Newcomer Alden Ehrenreich makes an impressive performance playing Hobie Doyle, the singing cowboy. Tilda Swinton has a double role playing identical twin gossip columnists. Ralph Fiennes is the fiery and precise Auteur. Channing Tatum, a singing and dancing sailor. George Clooney is the clumsy and goofy leading man.

However all these stars are nothing more than bit parts that build up to a bigger and intriguing take who the classic mystery drama. It is really Josh Brolin’s studio fixer who is the real key to the story as he solves problems, while tiring to locate the missing star.

The film feels like an authentic period piece thanks to Cinematographer Roger Deakins always impressive visual imagery, as well as the wonderful production designer and costume design.

Although the structure of the script is very episodic and never really flows, the film seems to work. The dialogue as would be expected is exquisitely written and the action set pieces move at a brisk place without ever being dull.

The Coen’s latest may not be for everyone, but given a chance this funny and intelligent love letter to a bygone era in movie making is a very rewarding cinematic experience.

Review by Lesley Logan