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Star Wars: The Force Awakens: ****

Run Time:136mins Cert:12A

Luke Skywalker (Hamill) has vanished, with both the Resistance and the First Order are looking for him. Pilot  Poe Dameron (Isaac) obtains a clue to Skywalker’s whereabouts, until the First Order find Poe. He hides the clue in a droid called BB-8, with scavenger Rey (Ridley) and stormtrooper deserter FN-2187 (Boyega), helping the droid to deliver the clue to the Resistance.

After the disappointment from many fans regarding the previous trilogy, director J.J. Abrams brings the balance back to the force with a thoroughly entertaining blockbuster.

In fact he accomplishes what Lucas could not do with his own franchise. In that Abrams honours the legacy of Lucas’ fantasy world, while delivering better dialogue and plot to anything Lucas himself did with his so called prequels. This is due mostly by bringing back ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ veteran Lawrence Kasdan. 

Familiar themes are incorporated throughout the story, involving questions of family, fatherhood and loyalty. While this may appear to be lazy, they do give their own spin to the proceedings while delivering what the audience wants to see. Lucas’ attempted something new but became lumbered with unnecessary background filler for a sci fi action flick. Although the second act is not as strong as the first and the emotional final act appears to be slightly rushed.

The new cast more than holds their own against the old timers. In particular Daisy Ridley who brings an energy and innocence to Rey. Ford as would be expected steals the show as the legendary space pirate Hans Solo with his growling overgrown rug Chewbacca. Although new droid BB-8 almost outshines the classic character. The main villain Kylo Ren played by Adam Driver is an interesting take on a bad guy, as he is conflicted, confused  and lacks confidence in any of his actions.

Abrams also steers away from the stale CGI effects that were used in the last trilogy, by using mostly practical in camera effects which are incredibly impressive. 

Flawed, but exciting piece of entertainment with spectacular set pieces and compelling characters. Hopefully ‘Looper’ director Rian Johnson can deliver for the next sequel.

Reviewed by Paul Logan