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Newsreel (w/e 26th July 2015)

Lucasfilm want Benicio Del Toro for Villain role in Star Wars: Episode VIII.
Rosamund Pike to star with Jon Hamm in High Wire Act.
Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman to write the script for the live-action remake of Disney’s The Sword in the Stone.
Johnny Depp’s Whitey Bulger movie, Black Mass to have world premiere at Venice Film Festival.
Brie Larson & Russell Crowe are in talks for Skull Island.
Chloe Grace Moretz joins the cast of Neighbors 2.
Minecraft movie to be directed by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Rob McElhenney.
James Horner wrote a Secret Score for the remake of The Magnificent Seven.
Antman makes the competition look small at the top of the U.S. Box-office.

Ted 2 ***


Run Time: 116mins  Cert: 15

Synopsis: When Ted (MacFarlane) decides he wants to have a child with his new wife, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), he faces the realisation that in the eyes of the law he is not a human, he is just a toy.


The toy with the dirty habits and filthy mouth returns. As can be expected from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, Ted 2 is full of crude humour and some great visual gags.


For the sequel, MacFarlane has tried to take the film in another direction with the theme of legal citizenship and mistreating individuals who are different.


While it is commended that such issues are raised, this key area does not really fit well within the world of a living breathing teddy bear. Somehow it takes the believability of the character and turns it into something that is funny, but ridiculous.


Mark Wahlberg returns as Ted’s childhood friend, John and has excellent comc timing. Amanda Seyfried replaces Mila Kunis due to her being pregnant at the time of shooting as the Ted’s lawyer Samantha. Although Seyfried is good, the chemistry between her and Wahlberg does not work as well as the dynamic with Kunis. However as with the first movie, the bear steals the show.


MacFarlane has also brought a wealth of funny cameos including appearances by Morgan Freeman, Tom Brady, Jay Leno and Liam Neeson.


Not as good as the first film, it is however funnier than most comedy sequels especially in recent years.


Reviewed by Paul Logan

Terminator Genisys **


Run Time: 125mins  Cert: 12A

Synopsis: John Connor (Clarke) sends Kyle Reese (Courtney) back to 1984 to save Sarah Connor (Clarke) and finds himself in a whole new timeline.


After the disastrous Terminator Salvation Arnie is back with a mixed bag of a reboot to the franchise.


Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) have come up with an interesting way of reinvigorating the series, by bringing an alternative timeline which mixes things up with the plots of the previous films.


However they also make the story too confusing and convoluted with ever changing characters and a pace that is fast but too hard to follow.


Alan Taylor uses the same kinetic style technique that he used in ‘Thor: The Dark World’. Which is great for pacing, but the action sequences are fairly lifeless.


The casting is also extremely uneven. Jai Courtney once again proves that he is no leading man. The usually reliable Jason Clarke gives a one dimensional performance. Emilia Clarke is impressive in the role made famous by Linda Hamilton. While J K Simmons gives a memorable comedic cameo. While Schwartznegger does what he does best by chewing the scenery.


The main problem is that there too many ideas and not enough answers. Hopefully the Terminator saga will be given another chance as some of the ideas are interesting as long as the final result has been clearly thought out.


Flawed by it is no where near as bad as Terminator Salvation, which funnily enough suffered from the same problems as well as having no Arnie feature in the movie.

 Reviewed by Paul Logan