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Spy ****

 Run Time: 120mins Cert: 15

Synopsis: A desk-bound CIA analyst Susan Cooper (McCarthy) volunteers to be a field agent in order to find a nuclear bomb.

Melissa McCarthy is a great comedienne but the choices she has made for her film career have been questionable at best. For every Bridesmaids there is The Heat. Thankfully if this James Bond style spoof is anything to go by she is back on track.

She reunites with the Director of her previous movies Paul Feig who has also wrote the script. Feig understands that she works better when bouncing off other actors. Here he has hired Jude Law as a suave secret agent, Peter Serafinowicz as a sex obsessed Italian agent, Rose Byrne as a mobster’s daughter and Miranda Hart as her goofy best friend and colleague.

It pains to say it but Jason Statham’s exaggerating hot head spy steals the show. His comic timing is surprising and the deadpan delivery makes his character the funniest aspect of the film. After years of doing bland lifeless action pieces, the promise he showed in Guy Ritchie’s Snatch returns with this performance. Just goes to show that he is a better comedian.

The look & feel of the film is very much inspired by the camp cult classic, Casino Royale. Like that film, the strongest characters are the ladies, while the men are seen as inefficient and idiotic buffoons.

As would be expected of Feig, the direction and timing of the comedy are spot on, mix that with thrilling action scenes and the end result is something that is highly entertaining. Not only that but he has made bland actors Law and Statham more impressive and funny.

Feig’s next project with McCarthy is the female reboot of Ghostbusters. If this is anything to go by then this new version has suddenly become a lot more anticipated.

Reviewed by Paul Logan