Tomorrowland ***


Run Time: 130 mins              Cert: PG

Synopsis: After finding a collectors’ pin, a teenage girl finds herself transported to a futuristic place. 


The movie begins in 1964 when a young boy named Frank invents a jetpack which he takes to the New York World’s Fair. After being sent packing by David Nix (Hugh Laurie) he is given a pin by a little girl called Athena (Raffi Cassidy) and finds himself in a futuristic place called Tomorrowland. 50 years later, teenager Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) has a similar sequence of events occur and, along with Athena, seeks out the now middle aged Frank (George Clooney) to find answers.


The film is very different from what the trailer suggested. The first part of the story is a bit slow and the audience may feel it takes too long to get to the point. That said, once it gets going the movie is entertaining and has a number of interesting twists. Nothing is as it initially appears and the viewers are kept in suspense.


Both the lead actors give great performances, with Clooney being both entertaining and believable as a grumpy disenchanted man. Britt Robertson is slightly over the top but very likeable as the smart and optimistic Casey, while Raffi Cassidy is a joy to watch as Athena. Although Hugh Laurie gives a reasonably good performance, he is under utilised and more could have been done with his character during the movie.


The movie is nicely shot with effects that look spectacular on the big screen. While “Tomorrowland” is modern and has aspects aimed at younger viewers, the effects also give it a retro feel that will likely appeal to more mature members of the audience.


While “Tomorrowland” is a fun movie with a positive vibe, its slow start and the lack of screen time given to Hugh Laurie are the main things that let it down.


Reviewed by Lesley Logan

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