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Big Game ***


Run Time: 90mins           Cert: 12A
Synopsis: While hunting Oskari, a 13-year-old Finnish boy saves the President of the United States from terrorists.

A few years back, Jalmari Helander made his feature debut with the festive horror, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. He has now been given a bigger budget with a a big Hollywood story
Rare Exports’ Onni Tommila also returns buddying up with Sam Jackson who work incredibly well together, interacting with sly, snarky, humorous wisecracks. The duo are joined by an all cast with over the top performances from Jim Broadbent, Felicity Huffman and Victor Garber as the Pentagon officials trying to bring the president back home.
The action pieces are not only spectacular, but completely insane with helicopter chasing  a chest freezer down a mountain side being a particular highlight. The saturated colourful snow filled mountainous landscapes are spectacularly shot. 
While the film is completely entertaining, it is letdown with a weak predictable script.
An old school action flick disappoints with an obvious twist filled plot, but the fun performances, exciting set pieces and short runtime make this worth a watch.
Reviewed by Paul Logan