Fifty Shades Of Grey *



Run Time: 125 mins            Cert: 18

Synopsis: When an inexperienced student goes to interview a businessman, a warped and unconventional relationship develops between them.

Based on the novel by E.L. James, the movie begins when Anastasia “Ana” Steel (Dakota Johnson) fills in for her roommate by interviewing entrepreneur Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Following their meeting, they become interested in each other. However Ana soon discovers that Christian’s idea of a relationship is somewhat different from hers.

The story is rather bland and the characters one-dimensional. Neither of the main characters seem to have any depth to them and the dialogue between them is awful. While the actors are pleasant enough to watch, no performance stands out. This is likely due to the substandard plot and abysmal writing.

The idea that an intelligent young girl like Ana (Johnson) would entertain the things Christian (Dornan) proposes throughout the movie seems unrealistic to the viewer and makes the female lead difficult to relate to. Christian’s behaviour and lack of characterisation simply makes him seem like a monster so he is very difficult to like.

The sex scenes in the movie are very dry and provide little entertainment. The only saviour the film has is its soundtrack which includes artists such as The Rolling Stones, Annie Lennox and Beyonce.

Overall, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a disappointing movie of poor quality.

Reviewed by Lesley Logan

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