Shaun The Sheep The Movie *****


Run Time: 85 mins                      Cert: U

Synopsis: When their farmer is diagnosed with amnesia, Shaun and friends set off on a mission to bring him home.

Based on the long running TV series by Aardman Animations, the film begins on the farm where Shaun and the other animals live. During a moment of mischief, an accident results in their farmer ending up in the city with amnesia. Following this, the group of sheep make their way to the city in an attempt to find him and jog his memory.

Like the TV series, “Shaun The Sheep the Movie” uses stop motion animation. The characters are nicely designed and the animated sequences are seamless throughout the movie. 

The story is very entertaining and has a lot of really comic moments. In particular the antics of the animals during their time in the city are hilarious and will provide amusement for viewers of all ages. There is no dialogue in the movie and all characters (including humans) communicate using sound effects such as sighs, grunts and indecipherable vocalisations. This works well and adds to the film’s comic value.

While the human characters are enjoyable to watch, they are very much supporting characters with the animals taking centre stage. 

Although primarily aimed at children, “Shaun the Sheep the Movie” is a great form of light entertainment for the whole family.

Reviewed by Lesley Logan

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