Begin Again ****



Run Time: 104 mins                   Cert: 15


Synopsis: An alcoholic music producer teams up with a heartbroken musician to record an album after a chance meeting. 


At the beginning of the film, disgraced music producer Dan (Mark Ruffalo) visits a bar in which he hears musician Gretta (Keira Knightley) play a song she has written. Hearing potential in her music, Dan approaches Gretta to try and get her to record an album with him. At first she resists, insisting she’s going home as her life in New York hasn’t worked out. However the next day she shows up and they begin working together.


The movie is entertaining and fun to watch. While the story could have been predictable, “Begin Again” has a number of twists the viewer is unlikely to see coming and the ending is both pleasant and unexpected.


Keira Knightley gives a great performance both as an actress and a singer. Her character goes from being defeated and heartbroken to being both successful and more confident about what she really wants. Mark Ruffalo is also great in the role of Dan, a music producer with a disastrous personal life that is not all it seems. In terms of the supporting cast, James Corden and Catherine Keener are both enjoyable to watch in their respective roles as Gretta’s flatmate and Dan’s ex wife.


The soundtrack contains some gems that could easily be future hits.  This combined with the story and performances make “Begin Again” a very pleasant and surprisingly non-cliched film.


Reviewed by Lesley Logan

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