Bad Neighbours: ***

bad-neighbours-seth-rogen-rose-byrneRun Time: 97 mins         Cert: 15


Synopsis: When a Frat House moves in next door to Mac and Kelly Radner (Rogen and Byrne) they find they get more than they can handle when relationships break down between the two parties.


Seth Rogen teams up with Zac Efron for a different take on the Animal House style frat movie. Also yet another movie that has been renamed by the studio, incase we are confused about a college comedy and a tedious Australian soap.


In that instead of adults moving into a fraternity or a fraternity running wild within the town, we have a fairly original concept of what happens if a Frat House moves into a suburban neighbourhood next to a family with a baby.


The humour as can be expected from both Rogen and director Nicholas Stoller is fairly low brow, but is very funny. Unfortunately it is a case that if viewers have seen the trailer then they have seen the movie as all the great gags are shown.


The script is seems very fractured as a rather than a well paced narrative with plenty of gags, what is presented is a series of sketches with a story that does
not flow coherently.


Nevertheless the concept is enjoyable with good performances by all, especially by Dave franco who has some of the best moments in the film. Rogen and Byrne have great chemistry together as the conflicted parents who want to party while raising a child.


Even Efron who is not known for his comic timing surprises with an energetic and funny performance. Hopefully he will do more comedies than bland romantic love stories from now on.


In essence what is presented is a comedy that has some great jokes, but by the end is fairly forgettable.


Reviewed by Paul Logan

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