Muppets Most Wanted: ****

Muppets-Most-Wanted-3Run Time: 113 mins         Cert: U


Synopsis: The Muppets go on a European tour with agent Dominic Badguy (Gervais). As soon as they arrive Kermit has been kidnapped and replaced with  criminal mastermind , Constantine who looks like, but does not act like our favourite green amphibian. 

After a fantastic comeback, the Muppets are back again for a sequel, although as Dr Bunsen Honeydew states that “technically our seventh”.


Similar to The Muppets, the screenwriters have used a tried and tested idea. While the last film was saving the theatre, this one uses a plot similar to the best muppet film The Great Muppet Caper by using a jewel heist storyline. They have also added an additional character in a Kermit the frog doppelgänger Constantine, who has all the best lines and is incredibly funny.
The script does suffer a little from being crammed with too may ideas and plot-lines that it is sometimes difficult to follow what is going on. There are also many famous or in some cases not so famous faces making cameos that it takes away some of the Muppet magic. Saying that the Christoph Waltz sequence is inspired.


The Human characters are a mixed bag. Tina Fey’s silly prison guard, Nadya feels very underused and unnecessary within the story. Ty Burrell has really great chemistry with Sam the Eagle and have some great gags. While Ricky Gervais surprises with an energetic fun performance as constantine’s sidekick Dominic Badguy. He is clearly having the time of his life singing and dancing with Muppets and it feels infectious.


Songwriter Bret McKenzie returns with more toe tapping songs with ‘We’re Doing a Sequel’ and ‘Cockatoo in Malibu’ being the highlights. Not all the songs are as memorable as the ones from the last feature, but they are good nevertheless.


Director James Bobin throws everything at the screen in terms of gags and visuals and anyone who is a muppet fan will not be disappointed. It may not be as good as The Muppets, but it is by no means a disaster.


Reviewed by Lesley Logan

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