The Wolf of Wall Street: ****

0w2GVB4wpDBPr1yTHWsqezl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVvK0kTmF0xjctABnaLJIm9Run Time: 180 mins         Cert: 18


Synopsis: Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) dreams of being a rich stockbroker, but after losing his Wall Street job in the crash of 1987 he falls on hard times. While working in a local dealership, which sells cheap stocks to working-class people, Belfort is inspired to go into business by himself, by manipulating the finance market. 

Adapted from Belfort’s memoirs by Boardwalk Empire’s Terrence Winter, the film plays more like Goodfellas rather than another Wall Street. In that the main character narrates the story, while constantly breaking the fourth wall in order to try and explain the complicated financial dealings.


However the most unappealing aspect of the movie is unfortunately the lead character. This part of Scorsese’s genius. While any other filmmaker would turn this into a problem, he ramps up the dwarf throwing, helicopter crashes, cocaine consumption and wild antics keeps the audience engaged in the over the top larger than life true story.


Leo DiCaprio returns to work with the auteur for a fourth time, while not his best performance it is a fun charismatic and engaging turn. With his perfect white teeth and wacky fashion sense, Jonah Hill steals Leo’s thunder with a crazy portrayal of Jordan’s bestfriend. Matthew McConaughey’s chest-thumping, coke snorting mentor is the best piece within the film, but feels vastly underused in what is nothing more than a memorable cameo.


It is not a Scorscese masterpiece, due to the fact it could be trimmed down to a shorter duration. It does feel like the filmmaker was racing against the clock to finish this film for the studio for awards season. Nevertheless it is incredibly entertaining and a wild ride.


Reviewed by Paul Logan

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