Paul’s Best & Worst Movies of 2013



Best Movies of 2013 – Top 5


1. Gravity – A long time in development, but the wait was worth it. Not only the best 3D movie ever made, but possibly the greatest sci-fi movie since 2001: A Space Odyssey.


2. Filth – Darkly comic with fantastic performances. Another Scottish classic from an Irvine Welsh novel.


3. Zero Dark Thirty – Gritty, compelling and tense portrayal of the infamous moment when Bin Laden was found.


4. The Lone Ranger – Forget all the bad press, this was the most under appreciated film of the year. A fun, silly blockbuster that was definitely the highlight of a disappointing Summer season.


5. Rush – Based on the rivalry between two of the best drivers racing during the 70’s. Great performances & a gripping story.


Worst MoviesĀ of 2013 – Top 5



1. We Are The Freaks – How this terrible dark comedy set in early 90s ever received financing is anyone’s guess. Dreadfully unfunny.


2. Diana – What might of been an interesting idea is ruined by a boring plot & the worst dialogue ever committed to a feature film.


3. About Time – Another movie full of ideas, lacking in ideas & even worse breaks all the rules it sets out to explain about time travel.


4. After Earth – Dull, poorly acted rubbish. Dear Hollywood, please stop giving M Night Shamalamadingdong work. It encourages him.


5. Scary Movie 5 – A franchise that should have stayed dead. Barely a chuckle can be found in the film’s overlong 80 minute duration.


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