Lesley’s Best And Worst Movies of 2013




Best Movies of 2013 – Top 5


1. Gravity – Great science fiction movie with a tiny cast and big effects. The best film of the year in my opinion.


2. Rush – Excellent biopic by Ron Howard. The actors resemble the people they portray and the story is entertaining and accurate.


3. Django Unchained – A humorous and action packed look at slavery in the USA. Great acting and awesome screenwriting. Didn’t feel like almost three hours.


4. The Lone Ranger – Although it didn’t do well in the box office, this is a masterpiece in my opinion. Great story, top class acting and plenty of action.


5. Filth – A dark comedy with some great twists. Not for the easily offended but a must see for those that enjoy humour with the dark realities of life mixed in.


Worst MoviesĀ of 2013 – Top 5




1. We Are The Freaks – A horrendous low budget movie set in early 90s Birmingham. Avoid at all costs.


2. Diana – The acting wasn’t bad, neither was the story. The script, however, was atrocious. A big disappointment.


3. About Time – A nice idea, but done terribly. No conflict, very little story, just a bland romantic comedy.


4. The Big Wedding – This should have been a good movie with the big names featured but a weak script and poorly developed characters made it awful.


5. The Guilt Trip – Lacked humour and was easily forgotten.

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