Elysium ***



Run Time: 109 mins                     Cert: 15

Synopsis: In 2154, those with money and social status live on a space station bathed in luxury known as ‘Elysium’ while everyone else lives on the now poor and disaster ridden earth. Knowing there is health care and a safer life for them, those on earth regularly attempt to find a way to Elysium. 


Max De Costa (Matt Damon) is a former car thief who lives in Los Angeles and works in a factory that makes robots. On breaking his arm on the way to work, he meets up with his childhood friend Frey (Alice Braga) who works as a nurse while trying to look after her ill daughter. When Max becomes ill and Frey finds out her daughter is dying, they attempt to get to Elysium in order to get treatment. Most of the film focuses on Max,  his friend Julio (Diego Luna) and hacker Spider (Wagner Moura)’s attempts to override the space station’s computer system and gain access against the will of its defense secretary Jessica Delacourt (Jodie Foster).


The film is entertaining and fun to watch. The effects are also good and there are plenty of futuristic devices such as robots, spaceships and automatic treatment machines known as “med bays”.  While the story is interesting, it loses its way in the final act. Although the audience would expect sci fi movie to push the boundaries of reality, the last 20 minutes are a bit too far fetched.


Matt Damon gives a good performance as Max, a young man who has grown up as an orphan and dreams of a better life. While Max initially appears to travel to Elysium for his benefit, there is a twist at the end of the movie that shows he cares about others. This adds some depth to both the character and the movie.



Jodie Foster is also entertaining to watch although her character is one the viewers are likely to detest. While the character tries to make people believe she cares about Elysium, she only cares about her own personal gain and the audience is likely to spend the movie awaiting her comeuppance.


Overall the movie is enjoyable and does the futuristic theme well, however the final act is a bit of a let down. There are some good twists in the story but the ending seems unrealistic and somewhat too ideal.


Reviewed by Lesley Logan

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