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2 Guns ***


Run Time: 109 mins Cert: 15


Synopsis: An undercover DEA agent (Washington) and a naval intelligence officer (Wahlberg) unknowingly investigate each other when they both steal what they both think is mob money.


Mark Wahlberg reteams with his Contraband director Baltasar Korm├íkur for a Lethal Weapon influenced 80’s style buddy movie, that brings Denzel along for the ride.


Based on a graphic novel series of the by Boom! Studios publications, this run by the mill tale that takes cues from Elmore Leonard novels. The plot involves relentless twists and turns full of double crosses that become confusing as the story unfolds.


While the plot appears to be a run by the numbers action buddy flick that is reminiscent of the 1980’s, the film comes alive by the main players.


Washington and Wahlberg bounce off each other like an old married couple. Their chemistry is what makes this film a joy to watch. Denzel is as always perfect with timing and shows off his comic skills. Both stars look like they are having fun and that in turn makes us as an audience have fun too.


Unfortunately Bill Paxton’s villain is one dimension and is the same character that is portrayed in other classic buddy movies. Not to say that Paxton is bad, he does try his best with the little screen time he has. The same goes for an unrecognisable James Marsden as Wahlberg’s superior officer.


This flashy action piece would be extremely dull if it was not for the two star players who make the movie, a fun and highly enjoyable experience.

Reviewed by Paul Logan