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Star Trek Into Darkness ****


Run time: 131 mins Cert: 12A


Synopsis: Starfleet is under attack from vengeful terrorist John Harrison (Cumberbatch). James T. Kirk (Pine) must find and apprehend the criminal, before it is too late.


Director J.J. Abrams returns to the Captain’s chair of a franchise that was reinvigorated the last time he was at the helm.


For the first film Abrams not only made one of the best Trek movies in years, but he also made the series more interesting to non Trekkies too.


In this follow up, the overall tone is darker with some more comedic moments than the first film.


Without the weight of establishing how these characters met and their individual timelines, the filmmakers have concentrated more on exploring the actual dynamics of Spock and Kirk’s relationship. While ramping up the relentless action sequences.


This is a minor complaint about the overall structure of the plot. In that with so much going on within the set pieces, it feels like there is too much to focus on at one time. An over sensory meltdown of never ending battles.
On the other hand it never feels long and extremely fun.


The returning cast work extremely well together. Chris Pine gives Shatner a run for his money, while Zachary Quinto was born to play Spock. Simon Pegg’s Scotty has more screen time and also some of the best lines.


The biggest improvement has been with the villain of the movie. In the first film the character of Nero felt weak and underdeveloped. The same cannot be said of John Harrison. This character is complex and calculating.


Benedict Cumberbatch underplays Harrison which gives the character a sense of mystery which is essential for a plot full of twists. He has the larger-than-life presence to play the foreboding enemy that Kirk needs.


The writers have stuck closely to the original television and film series with this story. Towards the end of does feel like a bit of a parody of those versions.


Nevertheless most audiences will be enthralled with this latest entry of the the series. This film shows that J.J. Abrams is a fantastic choice for the next episode of the Star Wars franchise.


Reviewed by Paul Logan