A Good Day To Die Hard **


Run Time: 97 Mins Cert: 12A


New York cop John McClane (Willis) goes to Moscow when his son is arrested for murder, only to discover that Jack (Courtney) is actually a CIA agent on an undercover mission. Father and son must put the past behind them in order to stop the bad guys.


The franchise leaves the States and goes to Russia with disappointing results.


Out of all the directors that were on the short list to helm this film, Fox and Willis decided to choose the worst one John Moore. His direction style consists of a jerky moving camera, endless explosions and noisy action scenes.


The next problem is with the script or lack of it. Screenwriter Skip Woods has constructed several action scenes, but completely forgotten about characterisation with plot holes throughout.


Not only that but the biggest mistake the writer has made is to include lifeless dull villains, who have a plan that is not really made clear until the last ten minutes of the film. There is also very little humour to be seen or heard.


Bruce Willis does his best with what he has to work with, but on the whole looks bored. This may be due to the little screen time, that both him and Courtney have.


Jai Courtney is well cast as McClane’s son and brings some enjoy to the overall piece. While Sebastian Koch is underused as a prisoner who Jack helps to escape from jail.


A great action piece at the start and finish along with the two leads make this at least watchable. But the franchise now seems dead in the water.

Reviewed by Paul Logan

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