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Wreck-It Ralph *****



Run Time: 108 mins      Rating: PG

Synopsis: Video game villain Ralph (John C Reilly) decides he wants to be a good guy after 3 decades of being the bad guy in his arcade game, sending him on a tour of other games with some unexpected twists and turns.

Due to be released in the UK on 8th February 2013, “Wreck-It Ralph” is Disney’s 52nd movie. The film is set in a games arcade and focuses on a group of video game characters.

In terms of animation, “Wreck-It Ralph” looks great in 3D. The colours are very sharp and at times it feels like the viewer could just walk into the screen. During Ralph’s journey between games, the audience will be taken from a very simple world in which a house is wrecked and rebuilt, to a complex shooting game to a beautifully crafted world of sweets and child car racers. The way in which the world has been crafted is also nothing short of genius, complete with a power strip that acts as a train station and trains that transport characters between games.

While the story follows a formula somewhat typical of Disney films, there are a few unexpected twists. The characters’ journey between the beginning and end of the film contains several surprises and a number of things in the game world are not as they first seem.

The characters are the main driver of the story and are top class. Ralph himself is a well-rounded character who wants to change things and will do anything to achieve this, even if it causes havoc for others in the game world. His desire to be loved and accepted is something the viewer can identify with and his relationship with game glitch Vannelope (Sarah Silverman) is one that is enjoyable to watch as they fight together for what they want. It becomes similar to a father-daughter relationship in which Ralph wants to help the child achieve her dream but also wishes to protect her from the consequences. There is also good support from Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer), Ralph’s main source of competition and from Jane Lynch as the shooting game heroine that steals Felix’s heart.

In addition to well-crafted main characters “Wreck It Ralph” does well in utilising those from retro games including Pac-Man, Sonic, Frogger and Q-Bert. While they don’t have a huge part in the story, they make the game world Disney has created more believable to the audience.  On the occasions where retro game characters make appearances, Disney attempts to mimic the originals by making the characters move in a similar way and using sounds similar to those used in classic games. This adds to the idea that some games have been in the arcade for a long time while others are new and more up-to-date.

With an enjoyable story, likeable characters, great animation and a bouncy soundtrack, “Wreck It Ralph” is a must see for viewers of all ages.

Reviewed by Lesley Logan