I Give It A Year ***



Run Time: 97 Mins     Cert: 15

Synopsis: Directed by Dan Mazer, the British comedy follows mismatched couple Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Rafe Spall) as they navigate through the first year of their marriage.

The film begins when Josh (Rafe Spall) and Nat (Rose Byrne) get married. From the beginning, it’s obvious the couple are not particularly compatible. Nat is very proper and career focused while Josh is a chilled out and fun loving writer. Throughout the film the audience are given a rather comic insight into their marriage in the form of flashbacks while, in the present, the couple are unhappy and are visiting a rather wacky marriage counsellor (Olivia Colman) to try and sort out their problems.

There are some really funny scenes in the movie that include a cringe worthy game of charades, an embarrassing incident with a digital photo frame and a disastrous attempt at a threesome. Despite the good laughs, I Give It A Year is somewhat predictable with the outcome being fairly obvious from early in the film. The writers attempt a few twists and turns but there are no surprises in the ending.

While Rose Byrne is an attractive woman who puts on a flawless English accent, her character is not particularly likeable and spends most of her time moaning. Rafe Spall is entertaining but again his character is rather irritating and it’s hard to believe they got together in the first place. While there are some films in which you want the lead couple to make it work, the pair are hard to root for.

In terms of the supporting cast, Simon Baker gives an average performance as the businessman Nat becomes attracted to while Anna Faris is likeable and entertaining as charity worker Chloe. Stephen Merchant is hilarious as Danny, Josh’s inappropriate friend and best man while Minnie Driver gives a humorous but realistic performance as Nat’s sister Naomi.

While I Give It A Year is fun, full of light entertainment and has some good performances, the movie is let down by a predictable story and a couple that are not really believable.

Reviewed by Lesley Logan

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