Hitchcock ***




Run Time: 98 minutes Cert: 12A

Synopsis: Anthony Hopkins stars as the legendary movie director Alfred Hitchcock in this real life story of how the film “Psycho” came to exist.


Directed by Sacha Gervasi and boasting an all star cast, Hitchcock tells the story of Alfred Hitchcock’s (Anthony Hopkins) life during the production of his classic horror movie “Psycho”. As with all movies based on real life, the film had the potential to be predictable. However the writers combat this by adding other elements to the story such as the events leading up the making of “Psycho” and the exploration of Hitchcock’s relationship with his wife Alma Reville, a woman who spends her life supporting her husband’s career but clearly wants to make it in her own right.


Anthony Hopkins gives a great performance as the title character. Heavily made up and sporting a fat suit, he bears a strong resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock and is both convincing and entertaining. Helen Mirren’s performance as Alma is reasonably good but a bit bland at times. The supporting cast works well. James D’Arcy looks scarily similar to Anthony Perkins and Scarlett Johansson is both believable and likeable as Janet Leigh.


Although Hitchcock shows an interest in the young actresses he works with, the film is relatively tame in this area and portrays the director in a more positive light than previous attempts. Although he is seen telling Scarlett Johansson’s character dirty jokes and watching Vera (Jessica Biel) through a hole in the wall, it doesn’t go any further than that. The focus seems to be more on Hitch and Alma’s marriage and her friendship with fellow writer Whitfield Cook (Danny Huston) whereas other attempts at telling Hitch’s story have delved deeper into his attraction to the female stars.


The scenes in which Alma spends time with Whitfield are boring and cliched, while the scenes where Hitch has an imaginary confidante are entertaining but leave the viewer questioning whether the writer is hinting at deeper issues or just having fun.


Overall, the film was pleasant enough to watch and had some good acting but the story was disappointing and the ending rather cheesy.

Reviewed by Lesley Logan

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