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Ted *****

Running time: 106 mins Certificate: 15


Synopsis:  When Eight year-old loner John Bennett finds a stuffed bear under the Christmas tree, he wishes it would come alive.The little boy and his family are shocked when his wish comes true. 25 years later, John (Wahlberg) and Ted’s slacker antics are fast getting under the skin of John’s girlfriend (Kunis). Someone has to go, but who will it be?


After many years of doing animated television work, Seth MacFarlane makes the giant leap into the world of live action feature filmmaking. And what a debut it is. A great story, fantastic actors, impressive effects and enough risky humour to make a nun blush.  


In fact with the humour it feels very much like how good Family Guy was when it started on air over a decade ago. Since that time it has gone the way of The Simpsons and the show is not as good as it used to be. But fans of the series can rejoice as it is everything that a Stewie fanatic had hoped it would be.


The story while basic is never silly or stupid (only in humour). The audience will totally believe that the bear can walk and talk with no one taking the blind bit of notice, that a stuffed animal is doing everything the human’s can do. There are the usual things audiences will be familiar with Family Guy from random cameos to cutaways spoofing certain well known films. The only bad thing is the second act seems to slow the proceedings down with the romance storyline, but it is never dull.


All the leads are perfectly cast, Mark Wahlberg proves again that he is good at doing comedy. Mila Kunis is a beautiful leading lady. Community’s Joel McHale is fantastically creepy as Kunis’ sleazy boss as is the king of creepiness himself Giovanni Ribisi who plays a demented father who wants to buy Ted for his obese son.


Not for the sensitive, but Ted is the funniest films to come out of Hollywood in years. Here’s hoping the invitable Ted 2 will be as funny and entertaining to watch.




Reviewed by Paul Logan