Magic Mike ****

Synopsis:  When 19 year old college dropout Adam (Alex Pettyfer) moves to Tampa to live with his sister Brooke (Cody Horn), he meets “entrepreneur” Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) while working on a building site. A chance meeting between the two then results in a new career for Adam and begins Mike’s road to realising what he really wants.


The film begins when Adam (Pettyfer) and Mike (Tatum) meet on a building site. Having left the job after one day, Adam runs into Mike on a night out and persuades him to get him into a nightclub. It is revealed Mike is a stripper working alongside four other dancers for manager Dallas (Matthew McConaughey). On that night, Adam is pulled in to help with props, resulting in him getting a job with the strippers.


The film is entertaining from the beginning. However there is also a deeper storyline as the film focuses on the seedy side of Mike’s world, his desire to succeed beyond stripping and his relationships with women. Although the trailer gives the impression this is a fun film about a male stripper, there is a dark side to the story that shows how a seemingly fun and carefree career can have serious impacts on an individual’s life.


The main characters in the movie are very three-dimensional. They all have goals they want to achieve and their own issues/reasons for holding back. From desperate-to-succeed Mike to immature Adam to cautious Brooke, these characters are people the audience can identify with. While it would have been easy for a film of this nature to focus on the comic/entertainment side, well developed characters really add to the viewing experience.


Despite the darker elements, Magic Mike has a number of light hearted moments that will make the audience laugh. The soundtrack is also enjoyable and the dance routines well choreographed.
With its well written plot, three-dimensional characters and the mix of fun and real life, Magic Mike is a must see.


Reviewed by Lesley Watt

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