The Angel’s Share ****

Running time: 101 mins Certificate: 15


Synopsis: While doing community service, Glaswegian young offender Robbie (Paul Brannigan) is mentored by a whisky-loving social worker (John Henshaw). He soon discovers that he has a nose for fine malts. Becoming increasingly worried that he is trapped in a cycle of poverty and violence the only way Robbie sees a way to escape is to make a fortune with a whisky-related crime.


Ken Loach returns with this Cannes award winning feature that focuses on a group of individuals who seek something more to their lives.


The story is very entertaining. There are a lot of comic moments that will make the audience laugh, particularly those familiar with Scottish humour. Although primarily a comedy, the film also deals with serious issues faced by young people in Scotland which adds to the story.


In terms of acting, all of the main actors perform well. In particular, William Ruane (Rhino) has come a long way since his time as psychotic teenager Brian in River City. The other three youngsters are both entertaining and realistic in their performances and the characters are people the average Scottish viewer can probably identify.


There were times when The Angel’s Share seemed a little bit slow but overall the story flowed well and had enough small twists to keep viewers interested. Throughout the film the audience are kept wondering what the outcome will be and the ending is not too predictable.


Overall it was a pleasure to watch. It is always good to see Scottish films and The Angel’s Share did not disappoint.



Reviewed by Lesley Watt

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