Snow White & the Huntsman: ***

Running time: 127 mins Certificate: 12A


Synopsis: When the king is murdered by his new bride Ravenna (Theron), his daughter Snow White is locked up for seven years. After her escape, the teenage Snow (Stewart) is pursued by Ravenna, who hires a grieving, drunken Huntsman (Hemsworth) to bring her back. 


Based on the German fairytale Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, the film re imagines the legendary story with an all star cast.


The film looks good – it is shot well and the scenery is attractive. The colours are also nice and clear. However the story lets it down. It is not particularly interesting and drags on. It has very few twists and a lack of suspense to hold the viewer’s attention.


The fight scenes are not particularly action packed, with the outcome of each fight being somewhat predictable.It never really feels like the characters are in danger and the final outcome/conclusion is reached too easily.


There are scenes in the movie that seem pointless. In particular the scene in which a troll tries to attack the Huntsman does not have any place in the story, while the stag will leave the audience thinking “What was the point of that?”


The acting in the film is reasonably good. Chris Hemsworth performs well as the Huntsman and his Scottish accent is semi believable. Charlize Theron also acts well, however Kristen Stewart is mediocre and (aside from the English accent) appears very similar to her character in Twilight. The dwarves, played by well known actors including Bob Hoskins, Nick Frost and Ray Winstone, are entertaining while Sam Claflin gives a very poor performance as William.


Overall Snow White & The Huntsman is a mediocre film. Nice imaging and reasonably good acting may save it slightly, however the story is boring and predictable and will leave some viewers feeling relieved when the credits appear.



Reviewed by Lesley Watt

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