Men in Black 3 ***

Running time: 105 mins Certificate: PG


Synopsis: When Boris The Animal (Clement) escapes from a supermax prison on the moon, he swears vengeance on Agent K (Jones). He travels back in time and  erases K from history. His partner, J (Smith), heads into the past and  teams up with a younger K (Brolin).


The third film in the Men In Black series sees Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return as Agent J and Agent K.  The effects in the film are excellent, particularly in 3D Imax. There are times when the viewer really feels like they are in the movie, particularly in action scenes that are “shot through the character’s eyes”. Men In Black 3 is the type of film that shows the audience what 3D movies are all about with these effects really adding to the experience.


Will Smith performs well as always, however Tommy Lee Jones has relatively few appearances in the movie with Josh Brolin taking his place as the young Agent K. Brolin puts a new spin on the character and gives the audience an insight into how K was prior to the events that changed him. In terms of supporting cast members, both Emma Thompson (Agent O) and Michael Stulhbarg (Griffin) perform well in their respective roles.


The film has an interesting plot that mixes sci fi with action and comedy. The action scenes are well filmed and there are a few comic moments in the film. There is also a “human interest” factor as we explore K as a person and get a glimpse of his mysterious past.


The soundtrack is enjoyable and fits in with the story. The sound in the movie is also very clear and adds to the overall viewing experience.


Although not as good as the original, Men In Black 3 is likely to be a pleasant surprise  and will appeal to viewers of all ages. It is a must see for those who enjoyed the previous films.


Reviewed by Lesley Watt

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