American Reunion **

Running time: 113 mins Certificate: 15


Synopsis: It has been 13 years since Jim (Biggs), Michelle (Hannigan), Kevin (Nicholas), Oz (Klein), Finch (Thomas), Stifler (Scott) have graduated from school. They reunite for a delayed class reunion, to discover that nothing has really changed.


American Reunion is the 4th in the original “American Pie” series. It tells the story of the characters that previously appeared in American Pie (1999), American Pie 2 (2001) and American Wedding (2003) when they meet up for a reunion 13 years after leaving high school.


The opening scene involving main characters Jim and Michelle  is very comical and gives the audience the impression the film will be good. Unfortunately the next laugh does not come for 30 minutes when Stifler plays a rather disgusting prank on a group of teenagers. With the exception of those two scenes, the film lacks comedy.


The film also lacks story. Nothing really seems to happen and the appearance of high school sweethearts and teenage admirers does not seem to pose much of a threat. The characters seem to lack emotion and no one really stands out in terms of acting.


Jim’s Dad (Levy)  is particularly annoying this time round. His going off on a tangent whenever Jim asks his advice has become old and the pairing between him and Stifler’s mom (Coolidge) is predictable and cringe worthy.


While a reunion movie was a good idea, the script has been poorly written. The resulting film is watchable but not particularly entertaining. Compared to the previous ”American Pie” films it is disappointing.


Reviewed by Lesley Watt

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