Marley ****

Running time: 144 mins Certificate: 15


Synopsis: A documentary about the godfather of reggae’s godfather, Bob Marley, which tells his story through  friends, family and his musical collaborators.


Kevin MacDonald returns to the world of documentary with a film that should be on every music fan’s lists of  films to watch this year.


The film tells the story of Bob Marley’s life from his childhood in Jamaica to his early music career, pursuit of Rastafarianism and death from cancer. Interviews with his family, friends and colleagues tell the story of his career and personal life first hand and give the audience a real insight into how Marley lived. Throughout the film, the audience learn about his family background, how he made it into music and his family life.


The soundtrack, naturally made up of Marley’s music, will have some viewers fighting the urge to dance right there in the cinema. In particular the gospel version of “No Woman No Cry” is very powerful and reminds music loving viewers why they love music in the first place. The only criticism that could be made is that more of Marley’s songs could have been included in the film.


At almost 2 and 1/2 hours, the documentary is long but does not drag in any way. It includes plenty of detail and has a lot of interesting stories, which makes the time pass very quickly. “Marley” is a must see for all music lovers and fans of Bob Marley. 


Reviewed by Lesley Watt

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