Being Elmo *****

Running time: 80 mins Certificate: U


Synopsis: A documentary following puppeteer Kevin Clash from his childhood in Baltimore to a career in the Jim Henson’s company and the man behind the muppet Elmo.


Fans of Jim Henson and Sesame Street are in for a treat with this moving documentary about the man behind the cutest character in the Children’s Television Workshop series.


The film tells the story of Kevin Clash, the man who brings to life the much loved Elmo character. Kevin’s passion for puppets and the time and effort he puts in to making them just right is admirable. Having started out as a teenager who made puppets as a hobby, the film follows him as he works his way up from local TV to movies and finally to Sesame Street.


While the film gives the audience a laugh on many occasions (who couldn’t have a giggle at the loveable Elmo), it also has many touching moments when the audience are shown what puppets like Elmo mean to children that are ill or disabled. Kevin’s kindness and consideration for these children is particularly touching and it is lovely to see the smiles on their faces when they meet Elmo. The film also informs about how the puppets are made and performed.


For anyone who likes Sesame Street, the Muppets or just wants a “feel good” movie, this documentary is a must see. 


Reviewed by Lesley Watt

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