The Descendants *****

Running time: 115mins Certificate:15

Synopsis: A Hawaiian property magnate Matt King (Clooney) is overseeing the sale of his family’s last piece of land, his wife is rendered comatose in a jet ski accident. Now the father must become a single parent to his daughters (Woodley, Miller), as well as deal with a devastating revelation about his private life.

Director Alexander Payne makes another beautifully touching film after seven years making the fantastic Sideways. This long awaited beautifully crafted redemptive moving journey will take the audience on a trip filled with laughter and tears.

Clooney is at his best in a role that shows off his acting skills with greying hair and a variety of loud shirts. Gorgeous George carries the weight of Matt’s problems through the performance in his body movement, eyes and his distressed voice, as he discovers that his life is not everything he thought it was. his eyes, posture and weary voice. With a head full of gray hair and a surf-shop wardrobe, he carries the weight of Matt’s problems in his eyes, posture and weary voice.

The star does not take all the credit as he is surrounded by a superb supporting cast especially by the actresses who play his two daughters, teen Alexandra (Shailene Woodley) and 10-year-old Scottie (Amara Miller). They practically steal the movie from Clooney, Woodley gives one of the most credible adolescent performances in recent memory.

As with his previous films, Payne has made a memorable sharp, funny, generous, and engaging piece of filmmaking that is an unforgettable experience.

Reviewed by Paul Logan

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