The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 2011


Well, it was a yet again another bad year for movies. Here is my list of the best, the worst and the disappointing from last year.

The Good

1. True Grit: The Coen Bros faultless remake of a rather dull John Wayne western with fantastic  performances.


2. Perfect Sense: Daring and original thoughprovoking Scottish sci-fi film from Sigma Films.


3. Project Nim: Touching documentary about the story of the Chimp Nim, which shows humans in a very bad light.


4. Black Swan: Demented, but genius ballet movie that feels like The Red Shoes was directed by Cronenberg.


5. Senna: Another superb documentary revolving around one of the greatest sportsmen of the last century.


6. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Who would have known that the Hollywood remake was better than the original.


7. Tree of Life: Love or hate it, Malick’s latest makes audiences think while showing off beautiful imagery.


8. The Guard: Funniest film of the year from the makers of the fantastic In Bruges.


9. Rango: The weirdest looking animation in years, but also the most fun even although the story was slightly unoriginal.


10. The Beaver: Underrated comedy drama with an unforgettable performance by Mel Gibson.


The Bad

1. Stormhouse: No wonder the British film industry is in a state with an appalling horror film like this.


2. Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend: Disappointing documentary comprises of one shot interviews and boring footage.


3. Sucker Punch: Alice in Wonderland meets Cuckoo Nest it was not. Another tedious effort from Zach Synder.


4. Green Lantern: One of the worst superhero movies in recent years with too much CGI.


5. Cars 2: The reason why this failed is purely just that Larry the Cable Guy is not funny.


6. Yogi Bear: The voices and animation were fine, the experience was just bad.


7. The Next Three Days: A remake which felt like it was three days.


8. Limitless: Great premise, poorly executed.


9. Hereafter: Apart from the stunning opening sequence, there was little to recommend from Clint Eastwood’s latest.


10. Transformers: Dark of the Moon: It was slightly better than the last terrible installment, but that was it. Although the 3-D was the best since Avatar.


The Ugly (Disappointments of the year)

In no particular order:

Hanna, Fast Five, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Red State, The Hangover: Part II, X-Men First Class, Horrible Bosses, Kill List, Captain America and Cowboys & Aliens



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