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You Instead **


Running time: 80 mins  Certificate: 15

Synopsis: Two feuding Indie rock stars Adam (Treadaway) and Morello (Tena) get handcuffed together for 24 hours at a music festival where they are both due to perform.


It must of seemed like a good idea at the time. Basically to make a movie based around one of the most popular past times over the Summer months, going to a music festival. But the film is more damp than a Glastonbury farmer’s field.


The basic premise is intriguing enough and could have been quite interesting. But the filmmaker’s really don’t really know what the movie is supposed to be. Is it a Woodstock style documentary revolving around Scotland’s T in the Park festival or is a romantic comedy. There is more stock footage showing bands and audiences than anything else. This could be the reason why the script is so underdeveloped.


Apart from the two leads, the secondary characters are more like scenery than drive the plot forward. Although the boy group The Make’s manager Bobby played by Still Game’s Gavin Mitchell, is probably the most fleshed out character here. He is also the most amusing and entertaining.  While Horrible Histories’ Mathew Baynton tries hard to make something interesting with his role as Tyco, but the material lets him down. The leads are a mixed bag of talent with only Harry Potter’s Natalia Tena giving a memorable performance, while her co-star Luke Treadaway has one of the most uncovincing American accents in the past year.


Even the music is pretty forgettable, but quite well performed. The decision to make the sound of both bands to be 80’s influenced seems like a strange decision. Surely having different styles of music would bring more tension to the complicated relationship between the two rock stars. It all seems dated as reinassiance in 80’s style music happened several years ago with Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs.


Sigma films usually make unusual intersesting choices in what they bring to the screen, but unfortunately this is not one of them. No plot, underdeveloped boring characters and a predicatable romance. Not even the music will help you remember this film. 

Reviewed by Paul Logan 

News Reel (W/e 18th September 2011)


Tony Scott’s Top Gun is being converted to 3-D.


Ghostbusters will be back in cinemas this Halloween!


28 Days Later’s Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will direct the Highlander reboot.


Alcon Entertainment has announced plans to remake Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break.


Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Michael Gambon, Billy Connolly & Pauline Collins to star in Dustin Hoffman’s directorial debut, Quartet.


Jason Bateman reveals that the Arrested Development movie is “on course to be shot next year” & will be filled with celebrity cameos.


Tokyo film critic Chris Fujiwara has been appointed as the new artistic director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.


Van Damme & Chuck Norris join the cast of The Expendibles 2.


Hugh Grant joins Tom Hanks for the David Mitchell novel adaptation Cloud Atlas.


Kevin Costner drops out of Quentin Tarantino’s next, Django Unchained, due to scheduling conflicts.

Jane Eyre **


Running time: 120 mins  Certificate: PG

Synopsis: Dowdy Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska), an orphan raised and mistreated in a boarding school, becomes a governess for the brooding Mr Rochester (Michael Fassbender).  A tentative relationship develops, but Rochester has a dark secret


Every time an interesting actress comes along they get shoved into a bonnet and corset before they know what’s hit them.  Look at Nicole Kidman who started out as a flame-haired BMX Bandit, high school ninja, firing distress flares into Billy Zane’s head, before Hollywood bleach blondified her and put her in crap like ‘Far and Away’ (Ron Howard 1992).  


Now it is Mia Wasikowska’s turn.  The beautiful Wasikowska, so good in HBO’s ‘In Treatment’ and the Oscar nominated ‘The Kids Are All Right’ (Lisa Cholodenko 2010) tries hard to look plain as literature’s most famous doormat.  She is fine here, but as with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (Tim Burton 2010) she looks uncomfortable.  It could be the whalebone corset of course, but there’s a definite feeling of awkwardness present in her performance.  Ditto Michael Fassbender, who is better suited to contemporary pieces like his work with Steve McQueen. 


This version of ‘Jane Eyre’ does nothing innovative with the novel.  There is no need for it to exist. Amy Heckerling turned Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ into ‘Clueless,’ (1995) to make it one of the best teen movies of the 90’s.  She modernised the material and made it seem fresh and interesting.  Director Cary Fukunaga’s approach is restrained to the point of inertia.  Inevitably there will be another version along shortly.  Please do something different.  Set it in space, or give Jane a comedy monkey sidekick, make it a porno, or cast it withMuppets. Anything except this, again, and again, and again. 

by Kevin Sturton

News Reel (W/e 10 September 2011)

Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio & William Monahan, are to a reunite for The Gambler, a remake of the 1974 Kenny Rogers James Caan film.


Pride, Prejudice & Zombies’ Seth Grahame-Smith & Writer/producer pair David Katzenberg maybe writing a sequel to Beetlejuice.


Bruce Willis & Arnold Schwarzengger are set to return for expanded roles in The Expendables 2.


Ed Wood’s Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski are to write a script for Ridley Scott’s big screen adaptation of Monopoly.


Eddie Murphy will host this year’s Academy Awards show on Sunday, February 26, 2012.


Max Payne’s John Moore is directing Die Hard 5.


Nike making Back to the Future Part II shoes into a reality.


Coen Bros. 60’s folk music movie to be called Inside Llewyn Davis.


Romancing the Stone T.V. series is in development.


Could the title for the new Bond movie be Carte Blanche?


The Departed screenwriter William Monahan is working on the script for Sin City 2.


Dan Aykroyd & Judy Belushi (the widow of the late John Belushi) are pitching a television series based on The Blues Brothers.


Columbia Pictures is working on a remake of Flatliners with Source Code writer Ben Ripley to pen the script.


Steven Spielberg & Stephen King are teaming for a television adaptation of Under the Dome for Showtime.


Bruce Boxleitner confirms Tron 3 for a 2013 release.


David Koepp is to write the script for the Rob Marshall remake of The Thin Man.


Game of Thrones Hannah Murray has joined the cast of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.


Nick Nolte joins the cast of Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad.


Josh Brolin has been cast in Spike Lee’s remake of Old Boy.


George Clooney is no longer involved with Steven Soderbergh’s film version of the cult spy TV show, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.