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Transformers: Dark of the Moon **

Running time: 154 mins  Certificate: 12A

Synopsis:  The between the Autobots and the Decepticons continues on Earth. Both sides discover that Optimus Prime’s predecessor, Sentinel Prime (Nimoy), has been located buried in the Moon Can Sam Witwicky (LaBeouf) and his new girlfriend help the Autobots save the world yet again?


The franchise made a promising start when it began four years ago with an over the top, but enjoyable action film that was quite faithful to the original cartoon series. Then director Michael Bay made a sequel which was dull, overlong, stupid, racist and included a Decepticon with a swinging pair of balls. Surely the third film would be an improvement, it could not be any worse than Revenge of the Fallen.


The answer to the question is yes it is better, but only slightly. The big problem with the film yet again is the duration, it is simply far too long and relies on too much exposition. The story is confusing, complicated and does not make much sense.


The acting is pretty bad as everyone will have come to expect from Shia LaBeouf, but he is not the only one. Megan Fox who played the girlfriend in the previous films has been replaced with former Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is absolutely terrible. There are manniquins in department store windows with more acting range. While the cameos bring the most fun with John Malkovich and Ken Jeong chewing the scenery. Frances McDormind in particular seems to be taking her role far too seriously with a very dramatic performance for a basic popcorn flick.


What should be commended for this film is the use of 3-D, which is the best since Avatar hit screens sometime ago. Somehow it makes the action far easier to follow and is worth it alone for the spectacular skydiving sequence. ILM have done another fantastic job with the special effects.

If the film had been significantly shorter it would have been more coherent and entertaining, but while it is better than the last one it is still pretty dull and definitely not one that meets the eye.



Reviewed by Paul Logan