Senna *****

Running time: 104 mins  Certificate: 12A

Synopsis: A documentary detailing the  Formula 1 career of controversial Brazilian driver, Ayrton Senna, the races and the death of one of greatest sportsmen in the recent decades.


A refreshing documentary about one of the world’s greatest sportsman that chooses to tell the life of Senna through archive footage and interviews at the time, there are no new in camera interviews whatsoever. By making the film have no visible talking heads or any modern footage it is more compelling and engaging. The audience will not only just hears what has gone on, but has the chance to witness the events first hand without going back in time.


Rather than going back to Senna’s childhood, the film starts at the point where the young driver started his career in professional go-karting and quickly segues into the first race in 1984. By doing this there is no padding, the audience learns more what drove this ambitious youngster into becoming a world champion.


Much is made of interesting extremely bitter rivalry with team-mate Alain Prost, who comes across really badly in this film as a self obsessed bad loser. If continually puts Senna down about everything from his driving to his religion.


The tragic ending is deeply moving ,director Asif Kapadia has taken great care to be respectful and rather does not focus mainly on the crash, but celebrates the contribution that the Brazilian gave to racing.


Even if audiences are not keen on motor racing or Formula One, they will enjoy this well put together piece of factual filmmaking. It is not just a fitting tribute to a fantastic sportsman, but is also one of the best films of the year.


Reviewed by Paul Logan

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