Edinburgh Film Festival 2011/ Fin

Final Thoughts

After all the negativity surrounding the festival by the media, was it as bad as the press was making it out to be. The answer is yes and no. In reality it could have been far worse. The films shown this year were fairly interesting, but were not groundbreaking. The star names, red carpet premieres and awards were sadly missed out for this year. But that was not the true problem of the festival, the whole event was just badly organised with nobody taking responsibility for their actions.

It would have been good to see Kevin Smith’s Red State, The Wicker Tree and Lynne Ramsey’s We Need To Talk About Kevin. All of these films would have done wonders for the festival.  Here is a summary of the hits & misses of the festival.




The Lion King 3-D:   Disney have done a fantastic job with the conversation. The film may be over 17 years old, but still packs an emotional punch.

Perfect Sense:   A bold, brave, Scottish apocalyptic love story which seemed to split the critics down the middle. The originality of the premise and the spellbinding sound design sets this apart from other British films.

Project Nim:   A great documentary that will not only make you laugh, but will also make you cry.

The King of Devil’s Island:   A bleak Norwegian true story with probably the best performances of any of the films in the festival.

The Guard:  Comparisons to In Bruges were always going to come up, but the film was generally funny if not original and had some of the best one liners of any film this year.




Stormhouse:   A British horror that decided to change all the rules it had set out have way through the film. Bad dialogue and acting did not help matters. It is the most offensive piece of film ever show at the festival in it’s history.

Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend:   How can you screw up a factual documentary about an interesting musical figure? If the 34 walkouts of the press screening show quite easily. The movie was just plain boring with no really insight to the legend’s life.

Fast Romance:   A poorly conceived love story, with bad acting and a plot that would have worked better in River City.

By Day By Night:   An interesting idea for a sci fi film that would have worked better as a short rather than the turgid overlong feature it became.

Ghosted:   A cliched prison drama that has been done so many times before and better. Only the performances save it from being truly forgettable.









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