Rio ***

Running time: 95 mins  Certificate: U

Synopsis: A neurotic macaw, Blu(Eisenberg) moves from the comfort of his Minnesota home to Brazil in order to find a mate and save his species. But things go badly wrong when he and his new adventurous girlfriend Jewel (Hathaway) are stolen.


Yet another computer animated movie hits our screens this time from the team who brought us Ice Age, Blue Sky Studios. While it may not be of Pixar standard, the animators have created a fun, colourful and enjoyable movie.

There is nothing really special or original going on in this film. The story in itself is very generic and also very predictable. We have had several different incarnations of a protagonist not being able to do what they should be able to do , in this case a bird who cannot fly. It is a tried and tested formula that has worked before, so we can’t really blame the animators for playing it safe.

Where the film excels is in the voice-casting, the use of colour and the spectacular use of 3-D. The flying scenes especially are exhilarating and what the 3-D format is really made for. While Jesse Eisenberg is a really good choice for playing a talkative nervy freak. Anne Hathaway brings life to the dominant headstrong female macaw. But it is really Nigel, the smuggler’s evil cockatoo, played by Flight of the Conchord’s Jemaine Clement that steals the show. He has the best song and some cracking one liners.

Both kids and adults will enjoy this musical spectacle. While it may not have a strong story or as much of an emotional journey as other films in this genre, it is still delightful fun for all the family.


Reviewed by Paul Logan

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