Paul ***

Running time: 103 mins  Certificate: 15

Synopsis: Graeme (Pegg) & Clive (Frost) are two sci-fi geeks on a road trip of the US. They pick up an unexpected companion – an alien called Paul (Rogen), who asks the friends to help him on his way back home. But Government agents are soon on their trail.


After Edgar Wright showed the world he could make a brilliant if not financially successful film in America, it is now the turn of his old mates Frost and Pegg.

While Scott Pilgrim feels like a creative movie without studio interference, this has the opposite effect in that it appears to be very safe and audience friendly. There are no creative camera moves or obscure actors making cameos. This film has static shots and a who’s who of old and new American comedy stars making appearances.

The effects are good, especially the CGI of the main character, which could have gone horribly wrong. The choice of Rogen as Paul seems an inspired choice and fits well with the character 

The plot while fun and amusing feels very formulaic. It is in essence basically another movie where an alien is trying to get back home before the authorities capture them. Except with a few more crude jokes. Although, The jokes never seem to hit the highs that we have become accustomed to in the duo’s previous films.

Frost and Pegg have basically made a wet dream to Spielberg with a road movie that is heavily influenced by the great Beard’s earlier works. But, at the end of the day this movie could have been so much more. Instead of being something hysterically funny with an original plot, it has sadly ended up being an entertaining amusing comedy.


Reviewed by Paul Logan

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