Hop ***

Running time: 94 mins  Certificate: U

Synopsis: Rebellious teen rabbit E.B. (Russell Brand) ditches Easter Island & goes to Hollywood to become a drummer. That is until he’s injured and unable to hop after being hit by a car driven by Fred (Marsden). Will the unlikely pair become friends and save Easter?

Over the years, movie goers have been ini-dated with Christmas movies. For some reason (only known to the studios), there have been very few Easter films, that may change with this live action feature mixed with animation.

These films can either succeed (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) or fail miserably (Yogi Bear). This one is almost successful and at times ingenious. The plot is pretty unoriginal and appears to have been lifted directly from The Santa Clause movies. In that Fred is someone who lacks commitment, until an alternative and unusual job choice comes up. Even the villain, goes the same route by trying to take over Easter Island. 

What brings this movie up to scratch is the voice-work and the animation. The characters are well designed and are very impressive, especially when reacting to real life objects. 

Brand is clearly having fun by making E.B. a wisecracking rabbit, that is more Bugs than Thumper. While Hank Azaria’s hilariously evil Easter chick Carlos almost steals the show with his performance. That is until The Hoff shows up. Unfortunately Marsden is given little to do, but to look extremely goofy.

Some of the gags are hit and miss, but how can anyone not laugh at a protagonist that craps candy. Crude some might say, but incredibly funny at the same time. There is enough here to keep both Adults and Kids entertained throughout.


Reviewed by Paul Logan

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