Attack the Block ****

Running time: 88 mins  Certificate: 15

Synopsis: A gang of hoodies and a trainee nurse (Whittaker) unite, when an mysterious alien race attacks their South London tower housing block.


Radio presenter and comedian Joe Cornish makes an impressive debut into feature films, which is clearly inspired by monster movies from the 80’s including Critters, Gremlins and An American Werewolf in London. 

This film was always going to be compared to Shaun of the Dead, basically a horror homage comedy based in the U.K. But apart from this generalisation and the appearance of Edgar Wright regular Nick Frost, this is where the similarity ends. 

Cornish has engineered a clever witty script with well researched authentic South London teenage slang. Not only that, but he has managed to pick a bunch of young upcoming actors who bring memorable energetic performances to their defining roles. 

Thankfully the film is not effect heavy, even the aliens are men in black furry suits with glowing blue teeth, which appear to be inspired by the Alien movies. The soundtrack is provided by Steven Price and the Basement Jaxx, which drives the action in each scene.

While the film is thoroughly entertaining, the pace does suffer slightly once the gang are confined in the tower block. This may be due to the intensity and excitement occurring in the chase scenes involving bikes and vans.

A ambitious gamble which pays off on almost every level. It will be intriguing to see not only what Joe Cornish’s brings to his next project, but also what he and Edgar Wright have brought to the script of Spielberg’s upcoming Tintin movie. Simply it’s wicked bruv, innit?


Reviewed by Paul Logan

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